• A Farewell To Fanboyism Or: How To Embarrass Yourself Without Really Trying

    I dug up this fucking thing I wrote shortly after seeing Revenge Of The Sith and thought you’d all enjoy the laugh.

    My feelings on the new trilogy have obviously changed toward the positive in the ensuing years.*

    Hey, it’s never to late to change so fuck off. I’ve changed. No longer influenced by the suffocating restrictions of fanboyism, I am now free to enjoy each and every film on it’s own merits. It’s liberating and highly recommended, much like having Sasha Grey shit on your chest.

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  • Koutchboom Visits The Zoo

    Like all places I go, sex was in the air….

    Zookeeper  Kevin James

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  • Abom Goes “Inside” for 25th Anniversary of Van Halen’s 5150

    This album flipped my shit.

    “Hello, bayyyyyy-beh!”

     Sammy Hagar was riffing on 1950s disc jockey-turned pop star Jiles “Big Bopper” Richardson when he let out the banshee wail kicking off one my favorite rock records of the 1980s.  One of my favorite albums of any kind, of any time, period. 

     And to think, 5150 was a record that almost didn’t happen—created by a band that almost never existed.

     Van Halen were one of the biggest bands in the world in 1984, their similarly-titled sixth studio album having sold a gazillion copies on the strengths of such hits as “Jump,” “I’ll Wait,” and “Panama.”  They’d earned a cool million dollars headlining the U.S. Festival on their previous tour—a gig they advertised with a staged parachute entrance by the band and a unique contest giving some lucky fan a shot at “Lost Weekend” spent partying with the boys for a while.  MTV, still a nascent cable channel, was far more accessible in ‘84 than during the time of the band’s previous release, Diver Down

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    ***********The following email conversation

    occurred on 3/24/11 between 11:01am

    and 9:36pm.



    Basement Cheetoh Eater

    Hawaiian Organ Donor




    with special guest:


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